Dr Phunk⁠ 

Releasing everything from big-room house, to stylised electro and heavier sounds across it’s respected roster, Revealed Recordings shows it’s finesse in fine style with a fire-driven powerhouse on Dr Phunk’s ‘Rave’.

As a hardstyle mainstay on the label you can expect nothing less than bone-rattling weight and speed-of-light BPM’s, and as he invites us into his world it’s immediately reminiscent of old-school rave anthems that flex with a modern vision. Zooming beats pummel through glitching synth lines as bass kicks as heavy as a hook to the jaw take the track by the horns, bolstered by tweaked violin segments that add another dimension of unexpected euphoria; bass in your face, indeed! Yet another stellar release from the hardstyle favourite, make sure you get set to ‘Rave’ with Dr Phunk, April 3rd only on Revealed Recordings!

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